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Organic hillside viticulture

Albet i Noya started our adventure in organic wines in 1978, being the first winery in the state to make a commitment to sustainable agriculture. A commitment that we have kept firm throughout more than 40 years of history and that has always gone far beyond viticulture.

A commitment to the territory

Albet i Noya has nearly 80 hectares of organic vineyards located in the Ordal Mountains area of the Penedès. They are small plots with calcareous and clay-limestone soils surrounded by a typically Mediterranean landscape of forests and scrubland.

Albet y Noya has made it a priority to conserve, restore and spotlight the dry stone* walls that surround our organic vineyards and which are a refuge for small animals, as well as an invaluable historical and cultural heritage.

*The art of dry stone construction, very present in our vineyards, was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco in 2018.

Dry stone walls

A commitment to organic agriculture

Over the course of four decades, Albet i Noya has become a benchmark in organic agriculture and there are many wineries that have taken the path of sustainability. So much so that the Penedès has become one of the areas with most organic vines in the world. Albet and Noya are proud to have planted this seed that is now unstoppable.

All our production (both our own vineyards and those of our suppliers) is certified by the CCPAE (Catalan Council for Ecological Agricultural Production) and is strictly controlled by our vineyard team.

We work with cover crops to nitrogenize the earth in the most natural way possible. We use green and organic fertilizers, using the vine cuttings and manure of animal origin suitable for organic agriculture. We completely avoid the use of insecticides with sexual confusion techniques or with the balance of biodiversity on our farms by reintroducing, for example, bat colonies. We also work the hedgerows and forests with the aim of maximizing the flora and fauna of our vineyards and thus achieving a good balance between man and nature.

A commintment to clean energy


In the winery we have 136 solar panels which supply more than 42% of the energy used by the company. The Can Milà de la Roca agricultural warehouse is self-sufficient using 100% solar energy.


Since 2018, we have been cooperative partners of the wind energy project Viure de l'aire, a large-scale wind turbine, a pioneer in southern Europe for being the first 100% collectively financed and owned windmill.


We have a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles and also have a charger for electric cars available to all our visitors. This installation works directly on solar energy.

A commintment to water conservation

The reduction of water consumption has also been one of our goals throughout the history of the company. In 1995 we installed the first biological treatment plant in the country nd rainwater collectors were installed in all the buildings of the winery.

On our estates, we have built several collector ponds, which we use for occasional irrigation of the vineyard, vineyard treatments and, also serve as a meeting point for birds, thus encouraging greater biodiversity.

Water management

Check our real-time energy production at this link.

Solar panels

A commitment to innovation

Going a step beyond organic agriculture, in Albet i Noya we lead the VRIAC varieties resistant to fungi project (Resistant and Indigenous Varieties Adapted to Climate Change). This initiative aims to minimize sulfur and copper treatments in the vineyard, minimize the use of the tractor and offer the market cleaner and healthier wines for the consumer. The priority of Albet and Noya is to achieve natural resistance of our native grape varieties such as Xarel·lo, Macabeu and Parellada, among others.

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Beyond organic viticulture

Our commitment to sustainability does not end in the vineyard and, once the grapes enter the winery, we continue to work to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. It is a commitment made by all the departments of the company, from production, purchases, wine tourism or marketing.

At Albet i Noya we want to make sustainability our backbone. Not only as a tool to fight climate change but also betting on the progress of society and the well-being of those who make it up. That is why, through small and large actions, we value our environment and all the people who are part of it.

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A commitment to sustainable growth

Beyond the organic certification of all our vineyards and wines, Albet i Noya has environmental ISO 14001 certification and the wine tourism department works under the criteria of BIOSPHERE, Responsible Tourism. Albet and Noya wines are also suitable for vegans and are certified by VLABEL.

The Albet i Noya team