Let's go in!

Curious people are those who, when they see a door ajar, suddenly think: Shall we go in? That is why, at Albet i Noya, in view of the situation that the most vulnerable groups in society are experiencing, we immediately said: Let's go in!

EntremIn 2020, we have signed an agreement with Entrem, the Cooperative Group for labour insertion. Together we will fight for the social and workplace inclusion of people with mental health disorders and other vulnerable groups in the Penedès region.

Vinyes davant de Can Vendrell

What brings us together?

  1. We're from here. We live in the Penedès and we love this land and its people.
  2. We are pioneers. The first of Grupo Entrem's cooperatives was born 25 years ago as the first cooperative in Catalonia formed entirely by people with mental health disorders. We have been committed to organic farming for 40 years now.
  3. We are restless. Each one in their own field and in their own way, but we never stop growing and looking after what matters to us.
  4. We are social. We care about the welfare of people and the ecosystem where we are.

Why make a solidary Curiós

Faced with the situation caused by the COVID19 crisis, at Albet i Noya we wanted to create a solidary wine that would help people who are especially vulnerable to being left behind in society. In the face of the uncertainty and the current global health crisis, people with special difficulties who live with mental health problems live immersed in a double confinement, the emotional and the social, which is difficult to manage.

For this reason, Entrem has developed a special programme of accompaniment and digital literacy so that people with mental health disorders and risk of social exclusion can continue working and training in this new online reality, where digital inclusion also allows for social inclusion.

With this, we want:

  • To distribute computer equipment and other digital tools to users, as well as connections to the Internet.
  • To offer inclusive and accessible online training.
  • To offer continuous labour advice adapted to the new reality in the search for employment.
  • To support the emotional management of especially vulnerable groups.
  • To offer a telematic service of psychological and employment support.
  • To increase the services and employment projects that offer work to especially vulnerable people, with the collaboration of the social and business fabric of the territory.

In memoriam

Albet i Noya and Entrem's relationship is not new or accidental as there is a very special bond between them.

Núria Albet i Noya, sister of the owners of the winery, was for many years a member of the Nou Verd collective, which is integrated into Entrem and manages gardening projects involving people with different degrees of mental illness.

Núria Albet i Noya