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Albet i Noya goes to Italy to take part in Irresistible 2024

Albet i Noya goes to Italy to take part in Irresistible 2024

It is the first fair on wines made exclusively from resistant varieties or PIWI.

Albet i Noya, a winery leading the research on Resistant Varieties in our country, traveled to Verona to participate in the first Italian festival of vineyards and wines made exclusively with PIWI Varieties.

More than 55 wineries, mainly from Italy, but also from France, Germany, Switzerland, and Slovakia, presented the latest innovations and trends in these varieties, which represent a true revolution in the vineyard in terms of sustainability. PIWI varieties (from the German pilzwiderstandsfähigen Rebsorten) are hybrid varieties that, thanks to various crossbreeds, have achieved natural resistance to fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and downy mildew.

Martí Albet piwi varieties

Josep Maria Albet resistant piwi varieties
Almost 20 years ago, Josep Maria Albet discovered resistant varieties at a meeting of winemakers at Château Duvivier in Provence, France. From that moment, we clearly saw that the future of organic viticulture lay in those varieties resistant to fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and downy mildew and that, therefore, avoided most of the treatments that are still necessary in the vineyard today.

But going a step further, the VRIAC project was born, where we not only seek resistant varieties but also want to continue working with Catalan native varieties such as xarel·lo, macabeo, parellada, garnacha, or ull de llebre.

Currently, the VRIAC project is in an experimental phase, but we have already been able to share some tests with the Italian public, who received them enthusiastically. The VRIAC project is a pioneering initiative led by Albet i Noya, along with the wineries Alta Alella, Josep Maria Piñol, and the Swiss breeder Valentin Blattner.

More information about Resistant Varieties on our website

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