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One of the best wines in the world

One of the best wines in the world

Corral Cremat wins the 'Best in show' 'Decanter award for the second year running

El Corral Cremat received, foror the second year running,  the "Best in show" award at the 2023 Decanter Awards. With 97 points, it comes to the podium with 50 of the world's best wines.It is the only sparkling wine from Spain in this category. Over 18,000 were tasted in the prestigious British competition.

This is a very limited edition wine that we only made from 1962 bottles. The Corral Cremat is a personal project of Josep Maria Albet and comes from a very special vineyard in the mountains of Ordal. The  British guide has defined it  as a "the perfect bottle to introduce those in the fine-wine community to the potential of Catalunya’s fine sparkling wines",  "Look out for yellow stonefruit in place of apple and grape – yet there’s a huge amount to enjoy, too, in the wine’s allusions to meadow grasses in high summer, to sweet crumble toppings, to the perfumes of wild flowers", they say.

The Corral Cremat vineyard is part of a group of plots surrounded by forests, in a small valley in the middle of the Ordal Mountains, almost 400 metres above sea level. It is a natural amphitheatre facing south, which receives very few hours of sunshine and gives us a very slow ripening of the grapes with high acidity, ideal for long-aged sparkling wines.

The name Corral Cremat (The Burnt Barn) comes from a fire that took place in 1948 in the farmyard of the old Maset de Dalt farmhouse, located at the top of the valley and uninhabited since 1930, which over time became a defining element of this landscape.



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