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Albet i Noya Wines, a Success in the Penedès, Girona, and La Rioja

Albet i Noya Wines, a Success in the Penedès, Girona, and La Rioja

Going back to work in the world of wine after confinement, Albet i Noya has won a string of gold medals!

The ECOVINO contest, dedicated solely to Spanish organic wines, chose the Chardonnay Col·lecció as the best vintage white wine, giving it the highest ranking: GRAN OR. The 2016 Chardonnay Col·lecció is a very limited-edition wine, as only 1500 bottles a year are made.

And that was not the only Albet i Noya wine to win a medal at that contest. The Reserva Martí, the winery’s exemplary age-worthy red wine, won a gold medal, and in sparkling wines, the gold medal went to its Brut 21 Barrica and the silver to Brut 21. With these results, Albet i Noya was the company to win the greatest number of awards, along with the La Rioja winery Cornelio Dinastía.


And in the Penedès, Red Wines!

The 54th DO Penedès Wine-tasting Contest was held Monday in Vilafranca. In that case, Albet i Noya’s wine to do the best was the red wine Reserva Martí 2013, which won the Gold medal as the best vintage red wine. Other of the winery’s award-winning wines were the Chardonnay Col·lecció (best vintage white wine), Ull de Llebre Curiós (best young red wine), Curiosa (best rosé) and Brut 21 (best Clàssic Penedès sparkling wine). 

Double Medal in Girona

Good news have also come from the GIROVI contest of Master Wine-Tasters and Wineries of Catalonia, with its headquarters in Girona. The Reserva Martí 2013 and the Brut 21 Barrica 2015 won another gold and silver medal at the 25th edition of the contest, promoted by recognised journalist and sommelier Agustí Encesa.



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