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The  Most Curious Places in the Penedès

The Most Curious Places in the Penedès

Come and visit the Albet i Noya winery and discover unusual places, dishes, and attractions that we have in the Penedès.

If you have been following the social networks in (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), you will have seen our proposals of unusual places to visit close to the winery. At Albet i Noya we are curious by nature (that’s why we made a wine in honour of that concept). Today we are leaving some of these spots on our website so that you can plan your getaway to the Penedès.

The Subirats Castle. This fort has over 100 years of history and impressive views of the Montserrat Mountains. It’s an ideal spot for people who like to climb.

Miravinya. This is a spot with 4 natural balconies where you can sit down and contemplate our own private sea of vineyards.

The Painted Vineyard of La Granada. This is a temporary work of land-art by Josep Almirall-Llucià.

The Font de la Canya Site. Find out about the 2700 years of history of vineyards and wine in the Penedès.

Les Flandes dels Casots. This is a route for intrepid hikers.

Xató. Follow the route and taste all of the versions of this typical Catalan sauce, made with almonds, hazelnuts, breadcrumbs, vinegar, garlic, olive oil, salt, and nyora pepper.

Sireni &Co at Vinseum. A reminder of when the Penedès was a part of the sea and sirenia lived among us.

The Centre of the Castellers of Vilafranca. Find out about the history of the group and see the inside of a human castle.

The Dry Stone Shanties. These shanties, declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, form a part of our landscape. The most daring of you can even sleep there!

The Xerigots Workshop. Former wine vats transformed into a space for aging cheeses.

 The Esperanto Museum. In Sant Pau d’Ordal there is one of the most important libraries in the world dedicated to this universal language.

The Carquinyolis of Sant Quintí. This is a typical sweet in the Penedès, for people who have good teeth.

The Setting of Nissaga de Poder. From January, 1998 to May, 1999, the Penedès (and the village of Santa Fe in particular) were the setting of one of the best-known soap operas in Catalan television. 

The Phylloxera Festival. According to the campaign promoted by Penedès wine tourism, this is one of the county’s best-kept secrets.

 The Chocolate Museum. For many people, this is paradise. It’s a guided tour of the Simon Coll chocolate space, where you can find out about and taste all of the secrets of chocolate.

The Ordal Peach Market. Another undeniably significant regional crop. All of the weekends in June, July, and August, you can come and buy peaches at the market. 

The Wine Route. 3 kilometres of surprises and activities for young and old. It’s ideal for runners and families.

The Neighbourhood of Can Rovira. One of the most charming streets in Sant Pau d’Ordal. Is it a privilege to live with these views or not?

Interpretation Centre for Republican Aviation. A reminder of when airplanes (Republicans or not) flew over the vineyards of the Penedès. 

La Giralda of Arboç. A faithful copy of the emblematic La Giralda of Seville. It was built by a neighbour who fell in love with this place in Andalusia when he went there on his honeymoon. 

Gall del Penedès. This is the name of the type of chicken that is another of our gastronomic stars, with its own Protected Geographical Indication.

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