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“Hello, Fall!” – Chronicles of the 2018 Grape Harvest

“Hello, Fall!” – Chronicles of the 2018 Grape Harvest

Josep Maria Albet, owner & winemaker of Albet i Noya, talks us about Harvest 2018


Hello, fall,

This October, you find us still wrapping up the grape harvest. We knew that it would run late this year, and we wanted to run the risk, so we saved the best grapes from the best vines to try to get the tastes and aromas that only come from the strains when they are starting to fall asleep inside the grapes.

These days, strolling through the last vineyards left yet to be harvested, you can feel the coming of fall: in the air, the smells, the colours, and the taste. Everything breathes the sap in the strains, which will express an entire spring and summer, all packed into every grape. It’s fall and now the final Xarel·lo that is left will go to make El Fanio; the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and the Caladoc, at their very peaks, will go into great versions of La Milana and Reserva Martí. The moment has come to enjoy this fruit, which has grown heavy, with a refined skin, calling to mind jam and the sweetness of good things that are coming to an end.

These days we are overcome by a feeling of work that is coming to an end; we are finishing the grape harvest slowly, collecting the last grapes from the highest, airiest vineyards, with their deep red leaves holding grapes that are healthy until the very end, when the wild mushrooms are already coming up. These are days of cool mornings and clear skies, where we can feel a chill in the air and forget about the sweat and heat of the first days of the grape harvest, which began this year on the 16th of August.

This 2018 grape harvest is sure to bring us great red wines, we can see it and taste it in the skins of the grapes that we are picking now, and soon we will even be able to taste it in the white wines, because many of them have already finished fermenting and are clarifying now; the rosé 2018 CURIOSA is already on the market, the first red flower from this fall.

And there is one last surprise from the 2018 grape harvest. Our experimental vineyard, with over 1100 sturdy varieties of grapes that haven’t been treated at all, even though this has been one of the wettest years that we can remember, has given us the noblest decomposition. 500 litres of naturally sweet wine, coming from grapes starting to turn to raisins, affected by botrytis noble, which we are happy to care for and, especially, to allow you to taste.”

Josep Maria Albet i Noya

Sant Pau d'Ordal, October 16th 2018

Our 2018 harvest team!


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