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Albet i Noya begins its 40th organic harvest

Albet i Noya begins its 40th organic harvest

The 2018 harvest is special for Albet i Noya. Forty years ago, Josep Maria Albet began using organic grapes in the winery of Can Vendrell de la Codina.

In 1978 it was only a Tempranillo vineyard, from which 5000 bottles were produced for Denmark, which were received with great scepticism in the Penedès sector. Today, there are more than 170 plots, of 22 different varieties of grapes, from which nearly one million bottles are made and exported all over the world. In 2018, no one is questioning environmentalism as the only way to grow vines. In 1978, many regarded Josep Maria Albet's work as madness and a waste of time.

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The 2018 harvest is the result of abundant rainfall during the winter (the vines have been stained white twice) and a very moderate spring. This has led to a slow ripening of the grapes (which is good) but also to high levels of humidity and, therefore, of fungi, which has caused the winegrowers many problems.


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In a year like this, the need to continue working on the VRIAACC (Resistant and Indigenous Varieties Adapted to Climate Change) project is evident. The idea is to obtain new plants, bred from the current ones, resistant to pests such as mildew and powdery mildew and thus reduce sulphur treatments and eliminate the use of copper in the vineyard. A project in which Albet and Noya have been fully involved for the last 5 years and which is one of our major R & D commitments for the future.

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