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Why do we use screw cap?

Why do we use screw cap?

Over 10 years ago, we decided to take a clear stand for the screw top for our younger wines. Here are some of the reasons.

Because it tastes better

The main advantage of screw tops is that with young wines, they maintain the aroma and freshness of the wine better, avoiding oxidation and the deterioration of the wine. At Albet i Noya we are still surprised when we open an old bottle of Xarel·lo Curiós with a screw top and we see that it’s still delicious.

Curiós Xarel·lo

Because it’s more practical

Surely it has happened to you sometime—you are at supper, on a trip, or a picnic, or at some kind of celebration, and you realize that you have wine, but you’ve left the corkscrew at home. On the Internet you will find various solutions for how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew (using anything from a shoe to a screwdriver) but what could be better than making a small gesture and being able to enjoy wines like La Curiosa safely?.

Because there’s no need to finish the bottle

Yes, it is true that with a cork you can also put it back in the bottle and drink the rest of the wine, but with the screw top, you can forget about bottles that don’t fit on the shelf in the refrigerator, or unpleasant spills when the wine bottle is turned over on its side. Besides, like we said, since it closes more hermetically, the wine keeps much better, with all its properties intact, after being opened.

Because the world is asking for it

It’s true that here the romantic act of opening a bottle of wine with a corkscrew is an almost magical event. But you only need to travel a bit to realize that screw tops are increasingly present in supermarkets and in restaurants all over the world, especially in countries like New Zealand or Australia, where screw tops are used with over 90% of the wines sold. At Albet i Noya we export to more than 30 different countries and we know that the screw top is always a good calling card.

Because young people like it

Screw tops are also a way to make wine more attractive to young, curious people and to make it more accessible, free of complications.

Because they don’t have cork taint

One of the main problems that corks have in the world of wine is TCA, which leads to what is more commonly known as cork taint. TCA is a molecule that can be found in corks, and that can destroy the aroma, taste, and enjoyment of the wine completely. With screw tops, cork taint is impossible.

Because it’s more ecological

Although corks are undeniably natural, it has been proven that the losses caused by TCA problems increase their carbon footprint. In a study that Albet i Noya carried out with the Swiss company Carbotech, natural corks are the lids that produce the least amount of CO2, but only as long as there is 0% contamination due to TCA. A mere 0.01%º (one in a thousand) makes the screw top or glass top more ecological.

At Albet i Noya we use the screw top only with young wines or some red wines to be drunk more quickly. For vintage wines, we continue to trust in 100% natural corks.



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